Why BOOZT⚡️?

We know there is plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to creative marketing agencies. So, why us? Well, we like to think of ourselves as the diamond in the rough, the Beyoncé of the music industry, the avocado on toast of breakfast foods. Our South American-based team brings a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and expertise to the table, all while keeping our client's goals at the forefront of everything we do. Plus, we're just plain fun to work with (if we do say so ourselves).

Jane Jimenez

Sales person

Leila Murphy


John Ruth


Lois Patterson

Art Director

Harisson Adams


Stephanie Hart


Hina Otari

Sales person

Simon Fay


We are really good at this marketing thing. How do we know? Well, you find us, didn't you?

Like a Swiss Army knife, our marketing agency is versatile, dependable, and always ready to tackle any challenge. Need a killer social media campaign? We've got you covered. Want to boost your website traffic? No problemo. And if you want us to go above and beyond, we'll go the extra mile and then some.


Some of the great people we've done some great stuff with.