Social Media
About This Project

Yeppo is our longest-standing customer, so it has a special place in our hearts.


It is a Korean skincare brand with well-established goals:


1) Use social media to empower and redirect the community to their website by getting the user to purchase their favorite product.


2) Create a community that inspires and motivates others based on their experience and references to the brand.


3) Promote new products and bestsellers through the Facebook ads platform every month.


To achieve these objectives, content planning is developed month by month, focused on brand values and community education, informing and communicating the use and benefits of the products in Yeppo markets.


As a sales complement, rotating monthly ad campaigns are carried out, regularly taking advantage of the momentum and trends of the moment (special days, holidays, etc.)


Meet some marketing efforts reflected in numbers:


We obtained 9.6% organic community growth in the last three months.


Monthly impressions increased 2.7% compared to June, highlighting actions such as saves and comments.