Office work vs telecommuting: Who is more professional?

The term “#office” is subjective nowadays, as it is already #trend, and not only because of the #stayathome; this space exists wherever you can access your job’s network and perform your tasks.

Even though we are in the #digital era, and working from home is normalized, it is disconcerting that professionals who do not have an office -or simply do not want one- do not receive the merit they deserve.

So, office = professionalism? 🤔

Having an office will not make your work stand just because you did it inside a large structure that has your company’s name on the door. Yes, there may be a “more elaborate” corporate identity -although this is not entirely true-, but the evolution of work processes has taught us that we are leaving behind the physical and moving deeper into the digital.

Therefore, an office is not synonymous with reliability at work. It is just that, an office.

What about you? Do you belong to the office team, or do you have your work headquarters at home?

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